instructional Designer

Adapt IT

18th March 2021

Johannesburg, South Africa

4 to 6 years

Cost to company

Mid Senior

Full Time


  • Design
  • InDesign
  • WAN Design
  • Logo Design


  • Information Technology (IT)

Job Description

The Instructional Designer combines the art of creating engaging learning experiences with the science of how the brain works. Using technology, the ID facilitates the gaining of new knowledge, skills, or attitudes. Using models to create engaging learning activities based on the science of how people learn.

Primary Responsibilities for the Role


· Identify knowledge, skill or understanding which is required to improve performance and capability

· Take the needed steps to acquire the knowledge, skill or understanding

· Incorporate the new abilities into the day to day operational activities to improve performance


· Impart the knowledge, skill or understanding through coaching/mentorship

· Verify the knowledge has been imparted successfully

· Take steps to rectify gaps in transfer of the knowledge


· Actively identify opportunities for improvement targeted specifically at your role and function

· Strategize, invent, or originate previously unknown opportunities

· Re-invent, re-invigorate and re-define previously existing operations into new improved, more efficient, resilient methods or operations by recommending, obtaining approval and implementing solutions.

Display Behaviours

· Emotional Intelligence • Ability/Capacity to be aware of, control, and express emotions

· Handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically

High Performance

· Strength – demonstrate positivity, mental toughness and stability during stressful periods and periods of low activity

· Flexibility – adapt to new concepts and ideas, ability to collaborate

Business Acumen

• Resilience – demonstrate ability to move forward despite setbacks

• Endurance – consistently deliver at peak performance over the long term

• Business Acumen • Understand main business drivers to impact on decision making

• demonstrate financial impact awareness



• Follow through and deliver results despite obstacles

• Admit to errors and takes corrective action to avoid repetition

• Approach own work with dedication and high sense of responsibility


Problem Solving

• Identify, analyse, organize and solve problems and issues in a timely and effective manner

• Anticipate problems, identify root causes and take corrective action

• Evaluate effectiveness of a solution

Quality Focus

• Ensure the quality outcome is achieved

· Take caution in preparing the details relevant to the process

· Follow process to ensure high quality output

Results Driven

  • Consistently deliver required business results
  • Set and achieve goals, consistently complies with quality standards and meets deadlines
  • Maintain focus on organizational goals

Detail Orientation

  • Show concern for all aspects of the job function
  • Accurately checking processes and tasks
  • Maintain watchfulness over tasks and ability to identify irregularities

Minimum Qualification and Experience Requirements


• Learn

• Teach

• Discover/Innovate

• Display Behaviours

• Establish Effective Communication

• Apply Effective Time Management

• Implement Industry Best Practices

• Apply Active Listening Skills

• Visualise Content Efficiently

• Apply Creative/Design Thinking

• Perform Appropriate Research

• Apply Expertise and Technology

• Perform Effective Unbiased Editing when Required

• Develop Training, eLearning or Material

• Apply Concise Clear and Effective Writing Skills

• Proactively Solve Challenges and Overcome Blockers

• Verify Deployed Solutions

• Respond to Failures

• Direct 3rd Party Partners

• Keep Statistics and Records

• Use Tools and Technologies


  • Under-graduate Degree/Diploma within Educational Field
  • Relevant Real-World Experience verified by Panel Review
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Learning or/and
  • Diploma or Equivalent - Instructional Design
  • Business, Science Degree, Diploma, or IT Qualification