Software Security Engineer

AES Global

24th June 2020

Cape Town, South Africa

3 to 5 years

Cost to company

Mid Senior

Full Time


  • Cloud Computing
  • Git
  • Kafka
  • Python
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


  • E-Commerce
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Retail

Job Description


  • Architecting and implementing technical solutions to support defensive security
  • Mentoring and coaching security within the organization
  • Deploying, operating, and monitoring SIEM, IPS/IDS
  • Responding to Security Incidents
  • Expanding security auditing and monitoring capabilities
  • Developing custom applications to monitor red flag situations
  • Working with DevOps to secure the platform, hardening servers, networks, Kubernetes
  • Working with Application teams to secure code, consulting on implementations
  • Working with Infrastructure to secure the physical environments (office networks, etc)
  • Hardening servers, and building security into the platform
  • Developing automation
  • Developing glue code to extend or integrate systems

Tech Stack:

  • Has experience with defensive systems (SIEM, IDS/IPS, Canaries, Fail2Ban, etc)
  • Has a solid understanding of Networking (TCP, UDP, IP, nmap, wireshark, etc)
  • Has experience with Linux administration (Processes, Networking, Disks, Security)
  • Has experience with a configuration management system (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)
  • Can write code (we use Python)
  • Experience with Kafka, Apache Beam, Apache Metron, Apache Spark
  • Experience with Google Cloud, or another cloud provider
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Docker (or containers in general)
  • Experience with Build Systems (Jenkins, Gitlab, Spinnaker)


  • 3 to 5 Years solid experience in Network and Data Security


  • Honours and/or Masters Degree in Computer Science