Compliance Officer

Adapt IT

16th April 2021

Johannesburg, South Africa

3 to 6 years

Cost to company

Mid Senior

Full Time


  • Compliance
  • Compliance Management
  • IT Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Risk Management


  • Information Technology (IT)

Job Description

The purpose of the Compliance Manager is to provide compliance expertise and support to the Adapt IT Group (“Group”) to ensure compliance to statutory, governance and to ensure that the organisation implements an effective compliance framework and processes that complies with applicable laws and binding regulations and considers adherence to non-binding rules, standards and codes.

Primary Responsibilities for the Role


  • Responsible for overall compliance advice to Adapt IT Group Leadership and Management to ensure compliance with legislation, regulations, policies and procedures


  • Implement standards, policies and procedures governing business compliance


  • Assist in the development of the Group Compliance Framework and Procedures as well as the monitoring mechanisms


  • Stay up to date with the legislative changes and best practices affecting the Group and its underlying operations and communicate these back to the Group in a simplistic way
  • Provide assurance to the Adapt IT Executive and the Audit and Risk committee that the Group is compliant with its regulatory and legislative obligations.
  • Prepare written reports of the status in complying with relevant regulations, laws, policies and contractual obligations.



Compliance to Legislative, Statutory Requirements and Policies


  • In consultation with outsourced legal expertise, provide strategic direction on new legislation as well as guidelines on the interpretation and implementation thereof


  • In consultation with outsourced legal expertise, ensure technical correctness of Policy documents drafted through regular research and training.
  • Make legally sound recommendations regarding compliance issues.
  • Assist in providing guidance to the organisation with respect to incorporating legislative changes to organisation’s policies, procedures, standing instructions and directives. This is to ensure compliance to relevant legislation.


Compliance Monitoring

  • Design and develop an annual compliance monitoring plan for approval by the Group Audit and Risk Committee


  • Conduct periodical internal compliance monitoring within the Group and prepare for annual independent compliance reviews
  • Monitor developments in all compliance aspects affecting the Group and its operations


  • Track and assist the Group’s Divisions to finalise remedial actions following any compliance findings or breaches.


Minimise Compliance Risk


  • Assist the internal audit function in identifying compliance risk areas, breaches and non-adherence to the Compliance Framework and Procedures in relation to Adapt IT’s operations
  • Recommend mitigation of risks and implementing remedial action


  • Manage organisational risks in compliance with the strategic risk register and operational
  • risk register.


Compliance Training

  • Assist in establishing a compliance culture throughout the organisation, through training and awareness initiatives.
  • Provide training and awareness to staff regarding compliance requirements making this an entrenched and not a complicated part of on-going business practises.



Manage Contracts Register

  • Maintain the Internal Contracts Register and External Legal Advice Register


Establish and maintain contracts register, including letters of appointment for service providers


  • Ensure that all the terms of a contract have been met before recommending payment to service providers


  • Quarterly reporting on status of the contract’s registers


Compliance Capacity and Stakeholder Management

  • Liaise with all key internal clients (eg. Divisional Executives, Finance unit, Key roles, etc.)


  • Liaise with all external clients (policyholders, insurers, outsourced partners, intermediaries)


  • Maintain acceptable level of capability within the business by assisting with training on relevant legal and compliance matters


  • Third party management (including public officials) – includes coordinating due diligence checks on third parties, remediation actions and training of third parties.

Minimum Qualification and Experience Requirements

  • LLB Degree or other relevant undergraduate Degree


  • 3 to 6 years’ experience in governance and compliance, preferable in corporate environment


  • Good understanding of software or ICT business and/or industry would be advantageous
  • Commercial Law including global laws and best practice (especially Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption and Data Privacy)
  • A Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of compliance monitoring
  • Understanding of relevant legislation and fairly complex legal matters.
  • A detailed knowledge and experience in respect of various South African legislation
  • Group Risk Methodology
  • Policy Analysis